Doreen Bowden Bydume is an experienced and accomplished leader, manager and team builder who is passionate about health, wellness and style. Through her Thriving Life and Style brands, websites and social media, she has demonstrated her commitment to sharing useful information that encourages and inspires women to strive to be their best physically, mentally and spiritually.

She is a retired Federal civil servant with the blessings and freedom to discover and pursue her passions, which include growing the new Thriving Life and Style brands as the Founder and President of Thriving Cougar, INC.

What Is Thriving Cougar?  Thriving Cougar, Inc. is a woman-owned, small business that provides inspiration, information and style for mature, thriving women. We share information to inspire women to continue enhancing their mind, body, spirit and style as they get older. We promote awareness of what works to improve health, beauty and wellness, and encourage women to improve their nutrition and make exercise and fitness integral parts of a thriving lifestyle. Such personal care prepares the enlightened woman to Be and Give her best.

What does Thriving Cougar do?  Thriving Cougar shares useful information and sells clothing and accessories for active, thriving women.  Through, and social media, we share useful information and inspiration on various subjects to enhance the mind, body, spirit and style of mature women including health, wellness, fitness, beauty, anti-aging, relationships, fashion, style, self-love, self-confidence, etc.  This myriad of information enlightens women to make better life choices.

Who are the Thriving Cougars?  We don’t pay any attention to how the media defines Cougars.  We know that the term is used to label and denigrate seasoned women who are attracted to and pursue much younger men. However, Thriving Cougar Corporation has successfully countered this somewhat negative connotation by focusing instead on encouraging and empowering mature women to prepare themselves for any relationship they choose.

What is the Thriving Lifestyle?  Our motto is, “Strive to be Your best.”  We like to say, “…put your oxygen mask on first…”

The Thriving Lifestyle is characterized by a lifelong commitment to taking care of your mind, body, spirit and style and thereby positioning yourself to give your best to others.  When you’re giving your best, you can live peacefully with acceptance, confidence, strength and grace.

We encourage women to be authentic and have a realistic view of themselves and their relationships.  Not to be pigeonholed, we can choose to date, mate, marry or prowl solo…The freedom and wisdom to choose in accordance with our best interests is the hallmark of the Thriving Lifestyle.

What are the Active Collections?

Thriving Style: Active Collections are comfortable activewear with support, style and versatile functionality for any fitness regimen, particularly yoga and Pilates which are increasingly popular for their strengthening, toning, anti-aging and mind, body and spiritual benefits.

The Active Collections are elegant and chic athleisure wear, designed to fit, support and provide figure-flattering, attractive styling for women in all stages of fitness. The Active Collections embrace a woman’s body with flexible and comfortable support for any fitness or exercise regimen, as well as, fashionable styling for casual chic events or hanging out-and-about on the town.

The latest offerings include modern and elegant jumpsuits, which reinvent the catsuit or unitard into the epitome of functional, all-in-one activewear including flexible and supportive, high-waist leggings, and an integrated top and sports bra in a comfortable, chic and versatile jumpsuit.

In addition, the Active Collections Jackets perfectly complement the functional activewear designs and diverse color palettes with chic tailoring and cape flow. The Illusion Jacket and Hooded Capelet complete the modern, elegant styling befitting active thriving women.

What’s Next?

In addition to the new luxury online store for active, thriving women, we are continuing to increase our audience for the Thriving Life & Style brands via websites and social media:;;,,  Women have embraced the brand internationally and enjoy the self-improvement and style information and inspiration shared via these media.

My vision, as fueled by my commitment and efforts, will result in an increasing number of women who: embrace the Thriving Lifestyle, make informed and wise choices, have a realistic view of themselves, and set realistic, achievable personal goals.

We are continuing to develop the Active Collections offerings including adding pants, tops, capris, shorts, etc., extended sizes and varied styling in support of women’s active, thriving lifestyles.

Doreen Bowden Bydume,
Founder and President,
Thriving Cougar, Inc.

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